Modern stone creations is a company that after extensive research, started manufacturing and supplying a unique product called Flex-stone, which is applied on all vertical surfaces creating an extensive range of stack stone and a variety of other types of stone designs. It can be applied on existing plaster, masonry, blueboard, etc. This excellent quality durable vertical overlay is used for internal and external walls available in a variety of colours. It’s as tough as stone, sustainable, strong and a long life product. When applied it’s been stamped with a huge collection of stamps that are available exclusively from modern stone creations and the stamps come in a huge variety of designs. The thickness of Flex-stone applied to the wall can reach up to even more then 7cm. It’s ready to be used with just mixing it by adding water. There is a variety of Stone Chrom colours available to colour the surface thus giving the appearance of real stone. This unique product can be used together with stack stone or on its own, the designs are endless.


Modern stone creations are the manufacturers and suppliers of this unique product called Stone-create. It’s a concrete overlay system that can be used on existing driveways, patios, verandas to create astonishing slate, brick, pavers and endless designs. Stone Create is an innovative system which is used to cover, finish or revitalise the existing concrete or cement surfaces in various ways. It can be applied 7cm or more and is only mixed with water. Our large selection of stamps the creative designs achieved are endless.

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