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Benefits of Colorbond Roofing


Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

Mar 17, 2023

You're probably familiar with Colorbond roofing, but do you know all of the benefits of colorbond roofing? 

There are several benefits to installing a colorbond roof on your property, regardless of whether you are building a new home or have an old roof that needs repair and restoration.

Metal roofs are becoming common in residential constructions, such as multi-story apartment buildings and single-family homes. One of the most popular home remodelling trends right now is metal roofing.

Melbourne Quality Roofing specializes in restoring Colorbond roofs, and we have seen first-hand the advantages these roofs offer to our clients in the short- and long term.

Some roof repair businesses may provide you with multiple rates based on different materials and services, so you should be confident and knowledgeable about what you're getting. After all, a roof restoration can be a significant financial investment, but it can also provide excellent long-term value when done correctly.

What Is Colorbond Roofing?

So what is Colorbond roofing, exactly? It's a type of roofing made from a lightweight metal that comes in various colours, and it's been designed to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions.

Because it is made from metal, it doesn't warp, rot, or sag and doesn't absorb heat, so it keeps your home cooler in summer. Plus, it's non-toxic and recyclable, which is excellent for the environment.

The Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

Regarding roofs, there are a few different materials you can choose from. You can go with tiles, slates, or metal. But if you're looking for something durable, low-maintenance, and affordable, you should consider Colorbond roofing.

Colorbond is made from galvanized steel, which means it doesn't rust. It's also coated with a layer of zincalume, which gives it a long lifespan and protects it from the weather. So you can be sure your roof will look great for years.

Another great thing about Colorbond roofing is that it's very affordable. It's one of the most cost-effective roofing materials available today. And if you're looking for a low-maintenance material,.

Here are some reasons for choosing Colorbond Roofing:

Your home's roof shields it from the elements (e.g. wind, rain and the sun). These forces wear down and weaken your roof over time, causing it to seem discoloured, worn down, and possibly causing damage to it.

If your roof has seen better days, you're probably considering whether you should repair the problems or invest in roof restoration.

Reasons to consider investing in roof restoration:


It's impossible to beat colorbond roofing! Metal roofs are easier, quicker, and less expensive to construct and install than roofing tiles, which is better for your pocketbook. And colorbond dominates the opposition by a wide margin.

Designed according to weather conditions of Australia

Australian architecture must contend with unusual weather conditions like blazing heat, torrential rain, and being near the ocean. Protect your home from heat, cold, rain, dust, and wind with colorbond roofing.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Each colorbond roof is constructed from sturdy, premium steel and coated with rust-resistant materials for years of simple maintenance. In contrast to tiles, it is also resistant to leaks and cracks.

Sustainability and effectiveness

Spend less on energy costs and help the environment! When it's hot outside, colorbond roofing is made to reflect more of the heat from the sun, relieving pressure on your air conditioner. colorbond steel is also entirely recyclable.

How Long Does Colorbond Roofing Last?

How long does Colorbond roofing last? The truth is that it depends on the climate and the type of roofing you choose.

But most Colorbond roofs have a lifespan of around 20-25 years, which is pretty impressive. And if you need to replace your roof, the process is simple; remove the old roofing and replace it with a new Colorbond roof.

So, if you're looking for a roof that will last longer, Colorbond is a great option.

How Much Do Colorbond Roof Restoration Cost?

Most people believe that the size of a roof is the most important cost component; however, this is not always the case. When a competent roof restoration business creates a quote for your roof, they will consider factors such as the pitch of the roof and the number of detailed regions.

What is the Process for Roof Restoration?

AT Melbourne Quality Roof Restoration Process our contracts focus on several process, the process includes:-

  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Rebedding
  • Repointing
  • Valley Replacements
  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Extensions

Pressure Cleaning-

We use the high psi pressure washers to remove moss and lichen from your roof. A clean roof has a longer life expectancy and is ready to be resprayed with our four coat colouring technique. We clean the roof and make sure to thoroughly clean the spouting and the exterior of the entire house after we wash the roof.


Rebedding involves taking out all of the old mortar from the ridge-caps and replacing it with fresh mortar. This technique ensures that the ridge-caps won't crack or lose mortar for a very long time.


All of the ridge caps are pointed up during the repointing process using flexible pointing, which is a rubberized compound that is put on top of the rebbed ridge caps and doesn't shatter under the force of wind or when a house moves.

Valley Replacements-

valleys are installed and let to dry to ensure a long life and no more leaks because rusted valleys have a tendency to produce leaks and damage to interior plaster walls and ceilings.

Roof Painting- We only use the highest quality paints, Regents paints, and we have tested them for the past 25 years. There are 42 colours available, so there's a colour for everyone. All paints are suitable for collecting drinking water from the roof and they all belong to the water based acrylic family of paints. When we spray a roof, we use a 4 coat system. We apply maxi primer as the first coat and spray colour sealants for the remaining 3 coats.

Roof Extensions-

We also undertake roof extensions, When we do a full roof restoration, your house and extension will seem brand new and original. You won't have two distinct types of tiles on your roof, unlike other homes where the expansion tiles appear different from the original tiles.

Why Choose Melbourne Quality Roofing?

Select hassle-free roofing services from Melbourne's roof contractors.

The Melbourne Quality Roofing staff are dedicated to enhancing the appearance, functionality, and purpose of your roofing and have more than 25 years of experience to our credit.

The experts at Melbourne Quality Roofing can help:

  • Our services are of the finest calibre and quality.
  • Your experience and happiness are our top priorities.
  • All of the plumbers on our staff are entirely licensed.
  • To produce the most outstanding results, our crew continues to acquire job and safety training.
  • We value your possessions.
  • We have complete insurance


So you're considering Colorbond roofing in Melbourne for your home? It's a great choice, but there are a few things you need to know before you make your decision.

Roof restoration is a procedure to extend the life of your roof by cleaning and fixing it. Your roof will become more energy-efficient and leaks will be avoided if you restore it. Both immediately and later on, you can save money by doing this.

In order to increase the lifespan and energy efficiency of your current roofing, roof restoration entails making repairs or replacements. Depending on whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, the procedure varies. 

It is preferable to engage a professional roofing contractor if you have any queries or concerns because they are qualified and experienced to manage roofing repairs. Melbourne Quality Roofing is pleased to provide skilled roofing services, allowing you to unwind in the knowledge that your roof is in capable hands.

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