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Factors That Affect Your Roof's Lifespan


Factors That Affect Your Roof's Lifespan

May 28, 2021

A roof is perhaps the most important part of your home, and it definitely needs to be in top condition. It acts as a barrier between your interior and exterior surroundings, adding aesthetic value while protecting your entire property from decay and deterioration.

Multiple things can affect your roof's longevity, such as weather-proofing, wind damage and even a storm. Every kind of material that makes up your roof can last for a lifetime when maintained by professionals.

Homeowners should regularly opt for visual inspection of the roof, and in case of any damage, contact qualified experts for roof restoration in Melbourne. This will help increase the roof's lifespan and make it last a lifetime.

Melbourne Quality Roofing experts have been in the roofing business for the past 25 years and understand Melbourne homeowner's roofing needs. With relevant experience and knowledge of Melbourne homes, our professionals have listed some of the most common factors affecting your roof's lifespan.

Climate and weather

When it comes to your roof, the weather can be friend or foe. Fast rain and high winds are very damaging when they come into contact with your roof. Fortunately, you have a variety of roofing materials to choose from that can help protect your home from the hazards of Mother Nature in an attractive way.

If you're concerned about how your roof is going to hold up to the elements, a tiled roof may be the best option. 

Roofing Material

Well, choosing the most appropriate roofing material for your home can be a difficult process. There are a lot of factors to consider. For instance, some materials are more durable than others. It's important to consider what type of roof you'd like, as well as various other factors, before making your decision. 

In case you plan to get your roof replaced or have a new roof installed, it is advisable to consult an experienced local roof. They will guide you all the details about what type of material is best for your home, climate, etc., 

There are several roofing materials that are the best suit for your Australian home. Some of them include:

  1. Metal Roof: A Colorbond roof makes for a long-lasting, energy-efficient roof built to last in Melbourne's weather. 
  2. Concrete Tile Roof: These are the most economical and wallet-friendly type of tile roofing. They can last as long as 50 years. In fact, due to their longevity, many homeowners opt for concrete tiles when they build a home from scratch.
  3. Terracotta Roof: Terracotta tile is the oldest known roof material still in use today. Their longevity makes them a smart choice for many homeowners and can easily last for over 100 years. 


Poor insulation leads to higher utility bills. Insulating your attic can help regulate indoor temperatures and add years to the roof of your house.

It's important to protect your home against heat loss. Nowadays, you can use tapestry to increase the thermal insulation in your roof. It's an easy way to make a real difference without a lot of hassle.

Lack of gutter cleaning and roof maintenance efforts

Cleaning roof gutter is a crucial part of home maintenance. It's a routine task that ensures rainwater doesn't build up under your roof.

We recommend cleaning roof gutters at least twice per year, ideally in the spring and fall. In fall because debris can clog your gutters and prevent water from draining away from your roof. This can lead to water damage, as well as premature roof failure.

For healthy roofs, schedule an appointment with Melbourne Quality Roofing's experts. 

We are your local roofing company there to assist you with roof replacement, installation, roof restoration, roof painting and roof repairs in Melbourne. 

If you're considering renovating your roof, trust our professionals to deliver the best quality workmanship in the industry.

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