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The Ultimate Roof Cleaning Guide For Melbourne Homeowners


The Ultimate Roof Cleaning Guide For Melbourne Homeowners

Dec 28, 2022

Roof cleaning is a great way to improve the look of your home and prolong its life. Roof protects you and your family from the external elements. But over time, the roof can become dirty, stained and discoloured. This leads to poor insulation and leaks that can cost you money in repairs, restoration or replacement costs.

Why Clean Your Roof?

There are several reasons to get your roof professionally cleaned:

  1. It helps prevent leaks in the future – When debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt accumulate on your roof’s surface, it can cause damage over time. This debris can begin to seep into the roofing material themselves, causing them to rot or crack from moisture absorption. This can result in a leaky roof that isn’t only unsightly but also unsafe for those inside the house or building. By removing these contaminants from your roof every few years, you can reduce the likelihood that your home will experience problems with leaking during heavy rains or snowfall events later down the line.
  2. Improve Energy Efficiency - A clean roof helps improve energy efficiency of your home by increasing insulation levels, which reduces heating bills in the winter season and cooling bills in the summer months. A clean roof also helps keep out pests like birds or rodents that may try to enter through small openings in the eaves or vents at the top of your house if left uncleaned or unchecked for an extended period of time.
  3. To keep it looking good: A dirty roof is an eyesore for any homeowner. It's also unsightly from the inside of the home (especially if you have a flat or low-sloped roof), which can affect curb appeal and sellability. A clean roof will make your home look better and more appealing for potential buyers when it comes to reselling in the future.

 How often should you clean your roof?

The answer depends on a number of factors, but the most important is how dirty the roof is. To determine if your roof needs cleaning, look for any dirt or debris build-up on the roofing material or any stains on the fascia boards or siding. These are indicators that it's time to call in a professional roofer.

Factors that determine how often you need to clean your roof 

The frequency of cleaning your roof depends on the type of roofing material you have installed. Here are some factors that determine how often your roof should be cleaned:

The Roof Type

The most important factor that determines how often you need to clean your roof is the type of roofing material. To keep your home safe and secure, it is important to have a regular check-up on your roof. This will help you identify any problems before they become major issues.

The Age of Your Roofs

The age of your roof also determines how often you need to clean it. It is advisable to get your roof cleaned if it has been more than ten years since its installation. If you do not want to spend too much money on getting it cleaned, then make sure that you do this every two years at least so that there is no accumulation of dirt or dust on top of the surface.

Clean the gutters regularly

This is important because dirt and debris can block the flow of water from the gutters down to the downspouts. This causes water to back up and leak into your home.

The climate where you live

Roofs in very hot areas with high humidity can require more frequent cleaning than those in dry climates.

The amount of moss 

Moss tends to grow in shady areas and also if there is moisture on the roof, so it’s important to keep an eye on them and remove them as soon as they appear.

Pressure cleaning of roof

Pressure cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean your roof. It removes dirt, moss and algae from your roof surface quickly and easily, so that you can enjoy a clean roof for years to come.

Pressure cleaning uses water at high pressure to blast away debris from the surface of your roof. The water can be heated or cooled, depending on the time of year and what kind of weather you have in your area.

The water is forced through a hose onto your roof, where it will remove dirt, grime and other contaminants. The pressure used in this process ranges from 40 to 80 psi (pounds per square inch), which is enough force to remove even stubborn stains from your roof surface. The power hose directs water at high pressure onto the surface of your roof using a combination of high pressure and vacuum suction that pulls debris off the surface as it passes over it.

The pressure washer will help remove dirt that has accumulated on the surface of your roofing material over time. This includes dirt buildup caused by falling leaves or other natural debris as well as stains from chemicals or oil spills that may have occurred during construction projects around your home or business property.

How to clean your roof tiles?

Before you start cleaning your roof, it’s a good idea to prepare everything that you need beforehand. You don’t want to get halfway through cleaning your roof only to realise that you forgot something important! 

Some of the reasons as to why opt for professional roof cleaning:


You might be able to clean your own roof, but it’s not always safe. Roofs can be slippery and dangerous, especially when they are wet. If you slip and fall off your roof, you could be seriously injured or even killed. By hiring professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done safely and properly.

Experience and skill:

Roof cleaning often requires specialised equipment and training to do it well. You probably don’t have the time or money to invest in either one. Hiring professionals gives you access to both these things without having to learn them on your own or buy expensive equipment yourself.


Roofs are complicated structures that require precision when cleaning them so they don’t get damaged by debris falling off them or water seeping into their seams. Professional roof cleaners use special equipment that allows them to clean more precisely than non-professionals can with their hands alone.

Steps involved in roof cleaning

Roof cleaning can be a dirty job that is best left to the professionals. Here are some tips to help you get the job done right.

Step 1: Make sure the weather is good. Rainy days are not good for roof cleaning as you can't really see what's going on up there.

Step 2: Get all your tools ready and make sure they are in good working order (if possible). This includes a ladder, safety harnesses, and other gear that may be needed depending on your situation and what kind of equipment you have available.

Step 3: Do a quick inspection of the roof to make sure there are no loose nails or other debris that could cause injury while cleaning.

Step 4: Use a ladder or other safe means to reach the roof.

Step 5: Use a pressure washer to remove moss, mould and other debris from the surface of the shingles. Be sure not to use too much pressure as this can damage your roof.

Step 6: If there are any stains on your roof, use a mild bleach solution (no more than 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water) mixed together in a bucket and apply it to the stains on the roof using a scrub brush or sponge. Let it sit for about 15 minutes then rinse with clean water and dry off with a towel or other rough cloth.

How equipped are professional roofers?

Professional roofers have access to industry standard equipment to efficiently clear your home’s roof. Here are some of the equipment. 

  1. Rubber gloves – These protect your hands when working with chemicals or other harsh substances.
  2. Protective eyewear – Not only do these protect your eyes from chemicals splashing into them, but they also help prevent UV radiation damage from the sun (which can cause blindness over time).
  3. A power washer. This will get rid of dirt, mould and mildew on your roof. Make sure you use one that can handle the pressure needed for this job; most homes have a 2,500-psi pressure washer that is ideal for cleaning roofs (the higher the psi rating on your pressure washer, the better).
  4. A pressure washer extension wand. This will let you reach high areas without having to climb up on your roof with a ladder — which can be very dangerous for anyone who isn't experienced at working on roofs. If possible, try using an extension wand with a trigger lock-on feature so that you don't have to hold down the trigger while cleaning your roof — this will save your arm strength for more important tasks!
  5. A sturdy ladder that can hold up to 300 pounds of weight (or more if needed). You'll need this for reaching high areas of your roof where dirt tends to collect — like overhangs and eaves.

Benefits of hiring Melbourne Quality Roofing experts for your next roof cleaning project 

Roof cleaning is not a job that can be done by any handyman or amateur. You need to hire the services of a professional roof cleaning company to get the best results. Roof cleaning involves a lot of hard work and effort. The professionals know how to handle different types of roofs. They have the right tools and equipment for the job. Here are some benefits of hiring Melbourne Quality Roofing experts for your next roof cleaning project:

  1. Good Customer Service: When you hire Melbourne Quality Roofing experts, you will get good customer service from them. They will take care of your needs and answer any questions you may have. They will clean your roof thoroughly and leave it spotless after completing their task.
  2. Professionalism: These experts are highly skilled in their field and they know how to do their job well. They use specialised tools and equipment during the cleaning process so that they can give you excellent results.
  3. Quality Work: The professionals will clean your roof thoroughly so that it looks brand new again! They understand how important it is for homeowners to have a clean roof because this is what makes their home look attractive and appealing.


 If you're a homeowner on the lookout for some exterior cleaning, this guide will help you find the very best options out there.  There's no reason not to get the job done right. After all, keeping your home well-maintained is important, and roof-cleaning needn't be an impossible task.

 For more details, get in touch with our roof restoration Berwick experts, today!

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