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What are the factors that impact roof restoration costs in Melbourne?


What are the factors that impact roof restoration costs in Melbourne?

Nov 02, 2023

With the continuous wear and tear that a roof experiences as it ages, restoring it to a new-like condition is essential. Regular roof restoration ensures your roof’s functionality, integrity, aesthetics and home value are well-maintained. It guarantees that you live under a strong roof that will last longer.  

Despite the importance of roof restoration, Australian homeowners avoid restoring their roofs even when needed. One of the most common reasons for this is the higher roof restoration cost. 

There are various factors that decide the overall expense of roof restoration, which we’ll cover in the blog further. However, getting a one-time roof restoration in several years is much more cost-effective than frequent repairs that also bring inconvenience and hefty repair bills. 

It is suggested to get the roof inspected every year followed by roof repairs or restoration as per the damage. 

Also, for newer roofs, in the initial years, roof restoration is not needed for a few years. However, it is still suggested to get an annual roof inspection to check if any part of the roofing material is damaged or broken.

But before you understand the factors affecting a roof restoration cost, you should know why it is even important to invest in it. 

Why is regular roof restoration important for Melbourne homes?

Investing in regular maintenance can help you extend your roof’s life and protect your home from damage. 

Since your roof is exposed to many outside elements, like rain, storms, heat, heavy winds, trees, and wildlife, these can lead to weathering and even damage if not taken care of. 

Without regular maintenance, these issues go unnoticed, leading to more significant problems over time. 

But if you invest in regular roof maintenance and restoration, you can identify and address minor problems before they become more expensive repairs or even replacements.

A damaged or untreated roof poses risks to your home's interior and the overall structure. Roofing issues like leaks can reach the walls and ceilings and can weaken the underlying structure. Regular maintenance can help prevent such issues and ensure your home is safe and secure for years to come.

How much does it cost for roof restoration in Melbourne? 

Putting a precise roof restoration cost is difficult because each project is different. Many factors can affect the price of a roof restoration, which is why a professional inspection and quote are required for individual cases. However, average roof restoration costs in Melbourne range from $1,500 to $10,000. 

Factors affecting roof restoration cost 

There are several factors that decide the overall cost of any roof restoration project, including:

Roof size 

Most roof restoration companies offer a flat per square metre rate. However, the problem is no two roofs are the same and differ in their size. The restoration cost per square metre decreases as the size of the roof increases. As such, a larger roof will incur more roof restoration costs because it will need more material and labour. 

Roof condition 

The condition of your roof is another key factor affecting the restoration cost. A well-maintained roof with minimal damage will cost less to restore as compared to the one that has extensive damage. 

For example, if you have a leaky or cracked roof or it has missing tiles, it will require more repair and restoration work. This will ultimately increase the restoration cost. 

Roof pitch 

This is an important factor when calculating the roof restoration cost. A steep pitch needs more labour and safety measures, which increases the restoration cost. While a roof pitch of 6:12 or lower is considered low, a pitch of 12:12 or higher is considered steep.

It’s worth noting that a steep roof pitch can be 20% more expensive than a low-pitch roof. So, if your home has a steep roof pitch, expect to pay more for its restoration.

Roof type

Complex roof designs, like gables or hips, often involve intricate work, which increases labour costs.  Analysing the roof type helps determine the unique restoration expenses.

Roofing material 

Different roofing materials are different for restoration. For instance, tile roof cost is comparatively lesser per square metre than natural slate roofs. Similarly, the cost of restoring a metal roof can be up to 50% more than restoring a cement roof. Hence, when choosing a roofing material, consider the cost of restoration in the long run.

Labour costs 

Labour costs vary depending on factors like location, complexity of the restoration work, and the roofing contractor's experience. For example, labour costs may be higher in some areas due to high demand or scarcity of skilled labour.  

As such, homeowners should research and compare quotes from different roofing companies to get the best value for their money.

How to save money on roof restoration? 

When planning for a roof restoration, considering the above factors will help you budget your project. However, there are still ways you can save money on your roof restoration project. These are:

  • Choosing the right roofing materials can significantly reduce your roof restoration cost. That’s because different roofing materials have different levels of durability and lifespan. 
  • When hiring a roof restoration company, comparing quotes from multiple providers can help you choose roof restoration Melbourne experts that offer the best value for money.
  • You should always plan ahead for your restoration project. This can help you budget your entire project well and avoid unexpected expenses. 
  •  There are some roof restoration tasks that you can do on your own, like trimming the trees and branches close to the roof. This will help you save on labour costs. 
  • Indulge in regular roof maintenance and repairs to prevent the need for extensive restoration in future. As said, the condition of your roof is a key factor in determining the roof restoration cost. So, the better the condition, the lower the restoration expenses. 

How Hiring Melbourne Quality Roofing Can Help You In Your Roof Restoration Project? 

We are the most trusted roof restoration and repair company in Melbourne. Hence, we understand the expectations of our customers.

When it comes to roof restoration, we only charge what’s required. Unlike many other roof restoration contractors, we keep 100% transparency when charging for our services. As such, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay any hidden fees when seeking our services. 

Also, we do not compromise on our work quality, regardless of our cost-effective restoration services. Furthermore, we will also help you save on roof restoration costs by suggesting tips throughout our restoration process. 

If you are planning a roof restoration job anytime soon, contact our experts. They will discuss your requirements and deliver the results that fit your needs and budget.

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