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Roof Restoration Tips For Improved Energy Efficiency To Save Money On Utility Bills


Roof Restoration Tips For Improved Energy Efficiency To Save Money On Utility Bills

Sep 27, 2023

Energy efficiency has become a major concern for homeowners. They look for highly insulated roofing materials to boost the energy efficiency of their roofs. Without efficient roofing, your HVAC systems work harder, and you will notice a sudden rise in utility bills. 

Hence, to get rid of this, boosting the energy efficiency of the roof system is necessary. It will eventually save you money, reducing your bills. Melbourne Quality Roofing can help you choose the right roofing techniques and materials for energy-efficient roofs in your modern houses.  

So, are you looking forward to making your home comfortable and saving energy? With quality roof restoration, you can achieve this. It will result in an energy-efficient roofing system. Moreover, it will stay functional for years. 

Let’s check out how our cost-effective service will improve your roofing system.

How The Right Roof Choice Will Cut Down The Energy Costs?

Did you know that energy expenses in your home can stem from various sources? According to our roofing experts, an outdated roof ranks high among the major culprits. Therefore, it necessitates immediate restoration. As your roof ages, it gradually begins to deteriorate, becoming less efficient in its performance. 

Consequently, external factors such as temperature variations and moisture will easily penetrate your home, adversely affecting the internal environment. Inevitably, this will lead to an increase in your energy costs over time. 

To prevent such escalating expenses, timely attention to roof maintenance and restoration is crucial. By ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition, you can enhance its performance, minimise energy losses, and ultimately contribute to more cost-effective and energy-efficient living.

Choosing the right roof for your home can significantly impact your energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly living. The type of roofing material, colour, and insulation all play crucial roles in regulating indoor temperature and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Therefore, consult our team to help you choose the right roof type. 

Here’s how our roofing service will save your energy costs: 

Adding the Right Colour Coating to Tiles  

Colour choice for tiles plays a major role in making an energy-saving roof. Dark roofs absorb more heat. On the other hand, light-coloured roofs absorb less heat. Choose the colour which facilitates transferring less heat under the roof deck. 

Our experts will suggest the best coating and paint for your existing roof. We have a wide list of colour choices. You can choose your preferred type out of them. Our colouring materials have special reflective pigments which can reflect back the sunlight. There are coatings with solar heat reflective factors. Therefore, tiles colours will significantly impact the roof’s efficiency. 

We recommend you use the white or light grey coating for maximum benefit. It will better reflect heat and solar radiation compared to other coatings.

Installation of Radiant Barrier 

This is another energy-saving option to reduce heat transfer. Painting the roof deck’s underside with silver paint, you can add a radiant barrier. This coating type aids in reflecting the heat back from the attic. So, the final result is less solar heat gain. The radiant barrier comes under our energy-efficient roofing materials. We prefer this coating for reroofing projects where the roof deck replacement is necessary. 

With an effective radiant barrier, your roof will play a major part in reducing heating and cooling costs. Moreover, it will reduce your energy footprint. Hence, you can practise energy-saving and eco-friendly practices. 

Proper Ventilation 

You may feel it is counterproductive to improve attic insulation. However, you can add vents to improve your roof health. Fresh air plays a great role in maintaining the roof’s health. Insulation will add a thermal barrier between the internal space and the roof. 

But, the attic itself will still remain extremely hot in the summer months. It will wrap up excessive heat and shorten the tiles’ lifespan. Moreover, due to this, your HVAC system will start working harder. This is why we recommend you go for some sort of ventilation. 

Vents will transfer fresh air into the attic. We will place the vents along the lowest points of the roof. We also pair intake vents with exhaust vents to ensure proper airflow circulation. This will also allow cool air to enter the intake vents, and warm air will exist through exhaust vents. In fact, this process will keep the extreme heat away from the building.

In the case of a roof restoration project, our expert roof specialists will inspect the complete existing ventilation. We will let you know what type of ventilation is necessary to improve energy efficiency. If required, we will add additional vents to offer adequate ventilation. Melbourne Quality Roofing Company ensures proper attic ventilation keeps your home cool. 

What is the significance of a high solar reflective roof material?

High solar reflective roofing materials will result in energy-efficient roofing. The more effectively the roof reflects solar light and radiation, the more energy efficient it becomes. When your roof is inefficient in reflecting sunlight, you will experience more heat. Also, your HVAC system will operate harder. Moreover, it will let the tiles absorb more heat. It will further transfer it to your living space.

Check out our detailed guide on heat-reflective roof paint for a better understanding. 

Melbourne Quality Roofing Services offers roof restoration with high-quality roofing materials. These materials come with a high solar reflection factor. This type of roofing also lowers the surface temperature by up to 30%. We use modern technologies to test the energy efficiency of the roofing system. Accordingly, we go for physical improvements and restoration.

 Benefits of Energy Efficient Roofing System

  • The foremost benefit is that an energy-efficient roofing system will save money. You can notice significant changes in your energy bills. As less heat enters your home, the less you need to spend on cooling costs in the summer months.
  • It will expand the lifespan of the roof and improve its function. It will reflect harmful rays away from the roof. It will ensure that the roof is healthy and prevents damage. 
  • The right roofing system will keep your interior space more comfortable. Even if you do not use AC, your space will remain cool. 
  • Energy-efficient roofs will add value to your roof and improve your building’s resale value. 

Final Thoughts

Melbourne Quality Roofing will take all the responsibility if you are looking for an energy-efficient roof. We mainly focus on tiles and roofing materials to improve energy efficiency. Hence, your roofing system will upgrade to the newest form with better insulation and ventilation. Also, if needed, we will suggest complete roof restoration.

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