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Winner of Best Businesses 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Roof Restoration & Repairs in Elsternwick

Elsternwick’s roofing contractors who specialise in roof restoration, repairs and painting.

Melbourne Quality Roofing guarantees that you will receive the best service possible from start to finish. We take pride in our workmanship as we pay attention to detail on every project.


Over the years, we have worked hard to establish an excellent reputation for ourselves as trusted roofing contractors in Elsternwick. We enjoy a reputation for delivering high-quality roofing solutions at an affordable price. We believe that our success is a direct result of our commitment to quality workmanship which is backed by a 10 year warranty.


Our team is highly skilled and certified to work on terracotta, concrete, tiled, and metal roofs, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time around. We also offer reasonable rates and quick service, so customers can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money.


If you have any problems, we are happy to send an expert out to inspect your home’s roof. Give us a call today!


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We serve the entire Elsternwick area, and we can restore any roof to its original condition.


Roof restoration is a general term for the process of renovating and repairing your roof. No matter the age, condition or damage that has occurred, there are always ways to restore it back to its former glory.


A roof restoration is an important process for many reasons. Not only does it help reinstate the original aesthetic of your property, but it also helps protect your home from leaks and external damage. It should also improve your energy efficiency levels, which could help lower your monthly bills.


If you're looking to have your roof restored, then you've come to the right place. We are going to show you our step-by-step process and explain exactly what goes into restoring a roof to its former glory.


  • Step 1: Roof Inspection
  • Step 2: Identifying damaged areas & removing or replacing them
  • Step 3: Preparing the roof surface
  • Step 4: Adding a base coat & protective sealer
  • Step 5: Application of 4-coat Paint

Our Approach

  • Rebedding and Repointing Ridge Caps.png

    Safety Rails

  • Roof Cleaning.png

    Roof Cleaning

  • Rebedding-and-Repointing.png

    Rebedding and Repointing roof

  • Replacing any broken tiles.png

    Replacing any broken tiles

  • Replacing Valley.png

    Replacing Valley

  • Roof Painting - 4 COAT System.png

    Roof Painting - 4 COAT System


We offer dependable roof repair services in Elsternwick with a sense of community and friendly, professional touch.

We provide unrivalled roof repair services in the Elsternwick region. Our professionals will gladly take care of any type of roof repair or restoration project, no matter how small or large it is. We are able to assist you with all types of roofs, including metal roofs, tiled roofs, terracotta roofs, flat roofs and more. Our team pays attention to your needs, and offers solutions that are both professional and affordable.


To ensure the best state of your roof, we have developed an extensive process which may vary from roof to roof. However, here's an overview of what our general roof repairs process looks like.

Our Approach

  • Rebedding and Repointing Ridge Caps.png

    Safety Rails

  • Replacing Valley.png

    Valley Replacement

  • Realigning Tiles.png

    Realigning Tiles

  • Replacing any broken tiles.png

    Replacing any broken tiles

  • Rebedding-and-Repointing.png

    Rebedding and Repointing Roof

Transform your roof from a dull and dingy colour to a vibrant, eye-catching look with our roof painting services.

If you are looking for ways to boost your property's market value, then roof painting can be an affordable option.

At Melbourne Quality Roofing, we follow strict safety procedures to ensure that our work does not disrupt your daily life or cause damage to your property.

Our professional roof painters have access to state-of-the-art equipment, which include:


  • Scaffolding
  • Safety harnesses
  • Ladder
  • Cleaning agents
  • Pressure Washers
  • Other tools to access the roof

To ensure maximum efficiency and safety, we carry out our services using high-quality machinery and equipment that can handle a wide range of jobs.

Book our roof painting services in Elsternwick and nearby areas today!


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