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How to find roof leaks and ways to address related concerns


How to find roof leaks and ways to address related concerns

Apr 15, 2022

Do you have a leaky roof and don't know where it is coming from? You're probably thinking to yourself, "there must be some trick to finding the leak source". While there are no silver bullets, you can certainly take steps to find those pesky leaks. Here's how

How do you find a roof leak from the outside?

Most people notice a leak in their roof after seeing water stains on their ceilings. However, by the time you see those telltale signs of a roof leak, you may have already suffered substantial damage to your home.

You can find a roof leak before it causes serious damage by checking a roof for leaks for these three signs:

Water stains on the ceiling or walls

Even if the stain is dry, the water source may still be dripping. It is important to act quickly. If you do not address it, water damage will eventually weaken the framing and lead to potential structural problems with your home.

Missing roofing material or obvious gaps in flashing around vents, chimneys and other structures that penetrate your roof

These can be signs of wind or hail damage, allowing water to seep in and cause leaks.

Missing or loose granules on the roof

This condition can be caused by wear and tear over time or by storms or high winds that cause shingles to deteriorate more quickly than normal.

If you notice any of these warning signs of a roof leak, call expert roofers for an inspection as soon as possible.

Common telltale signs of roof leaks

It's easy to find a roof leak during a heavy rainstorm. It is not so easy to find the source of a leak in the middle of a downpour. If you wait for dry weather, you may have to wait a while before finding a roof leak or its source, resulting in more water damage and mould.

Here are some common telltale signs that you have a roof leak:

  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Water stains on your wall
  • Water leaking through light fixtures
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Cracked caulk or rust finds on flashing around chimneys
  • Missing, cracked or damaged roofing material

An effective trick to find roof leaks

The longer it takes you to find a roof leak, the more damage it will cause. If you're not sure how to find leaks, try this.

Please turn on the hose and let it run for several minutes in one roof area. Then move to another area and do the same thing. Keep moving to different areas until you find wet finds on your ceiling. Water stains are sure of a leak, but a stain doesn't always appear right away. That's why this method is so effective.

When you locate the source of the leak, mark it with chalk or spray paint. Then contact your roofing contractor and have him take a look at it. He'll know how to patch up the hole so that it doesn't leak again.

What should you do once you have found roof leaks?

Here are several things that you should do once you have found roof leaks:

Find the source of the leak

The first thing you will want to do is find out where the leak is coming from. You can use either a flashlight or a mirror to help you find any leaking areas. If possible, you may also want to use binoculars to see any small cracks around vents or window sills that could be letting in water.

Assess the damage

Before calling a professional, gather some information about the problem first. You can do this by trying to determine the extent of the damaged areas, whether the water is coming from the inside or outside of your house and how severe the leak is.

Determine why the roof leaks

The next step is determining why the roof leaks. There are many reasons for a leaking roof, such as old roofing material, broken flashing (the metal pieces around vents and chimneys), poor installation techniques or other issues like hail damage and windblown debris from storms or trees branches scraping across rooftops during high winds.

Get a tarp

In the meantime, look for a tarp and cover up the damaged area, so no more water gets in. If there is heavy rain or a hail storm, a tarp might not be enough to keep all of the wetness out. In this case, consider moving items away from the damaged area and putting down some plastic sheeting instead.

Why is it advisable to call upon expert roofers to fix your roof?

Roofing is a complex process that requires technical knowledge and professional skill. This is why it's always recommended to hire licensed roofers to care for your roofing problems.

The following are the reasons why you should call upon expert roofers to repair your roof:


Hiring an expert ensures that you're getting the best possible service. Roofers have the skills needed to handle any problem that appears on your roof. They can perform complete inspections, identify problems, and provide cost-effective solutions so that you don't have to suffer from additional costs in the future.​


Roofing companies offer their customers high-quality products and services. They use top-notch materials for their projects, which means they can offer a longer life span for the roofs. In addition to this, they also ensure that their workers are skilled enough to carry out any difficult task with ease and perfection. By hiring an expert, you can ensure that your roof will stay in good condition for many years to come.​


If you try to deal with a damaged roof yourself, you will make things worse before they get better. This can lead to more expensive repairs down the line or even complete replacement of your roof! Save yourself time, money, and stress by calling an expert right away.

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